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NSMB – Exporting NMP with New Files

This post have the aim to share here a solution to in order to contribute to the NSMBHD community for users who want to work with the functionality to export projects from the Editor with new inserted pictures.

This is a workaround to export Project Patches files (NMP) with new inserted pictures from NSMB Editor.

1. From a clean and original ROM, use your favorite program to insert the files you want.
In my case, I used the DS Lazy from the package available at this link.

2. Make a copy of your new ROM. You will now have three files. In this example:
– Original.nds (clean ROM)
– NewFiles.nds (ROM with the new files)
– CopyNewFiles.nds

3. Open the rom with the new files (New Files).

4. Make the changes and desired edits in the new files.

5. Now attention: When the project is exported, the copy of the unedited ROM should be used instead of the original ROM. This allows the editor to make a comparison with the new ROM.

6. Done! To export and import, continue using the copy of the unedited ROM.
Once the modifications are completed, perform the final distribution of the patch, with the original ROM, using the XdeltaUI program.

Thank you for read this post.