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NSMBe – DevKitPro and ASM Hack

This post is a result of a P.M. conversation.

Objective: Using DevKitPro to apply a ASM code on NSMB Editor.

1. Preparing the environment:

1.1. Locate the last DevKitPro [here]

1.2. On the page above, look for [Windows Installer/Update]. Download it.

1.3. The file is just a installer. You will need to be connected on Internet to installer download the packs. All packs have more or less 65 MB.

1.4. Install all on “c:\”

1.5. Look for the path “C:\devkitPro\devkitARM”. If exists an “ASMTemplate” folder, then make a backup and delete it! If there is no “ASMTemplate” folder, create it.

1.6. Download now the NSMB ASM base [template]. Unzip and past files inside “ASMTemplate” folder. Past a clean and original ROM on the folder too.

2. Example of use:

2.1. It’s possible to use any ASM Hack on the forum. Here I will use the Mario Master [Actor Spawner] ASM Hack, to config the sprite 20 with an actor spawner.

2.2. Go to the post on the link on item 2.1 above and download the [].

2.3. Unzip it! Move the “source” folder and “symbols.x” to “ASMTemplate” folder. Overwrite everything if exists. (see item 1.5). Move the “nsmbe mod” folder to other place.

2.4. Open the “NSMBe5.exe”. Open the fresh clean and original ROM inside “ASMTemplate” folder (see item 1.6).

2.5. Go to “Tool/Options”. Click on “Run make clean” then “Run make and insert”.

2.6. Now you can joy your new Actor Spawner sprite.

Thank you for read this post.