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NSMBe – Simple Despawn Actor/Sprite on MarioMaster’s feature

This post is a result of a P.M. conversation.

Objective: Made a simple level to despawn an Actor/Sprite spawner, so Mario can pass without damage.

1. Install DevKitPro, and Mario Master’s Actor Spawner feature using [this] tutorial.

2. Open editor and make a level:
– Put a Zone
– Sprite 168 (ID=1, Enemy Zone=255)
– Red switch (Output=1, Mode=’Stop Id’, Behavior=’Play 1 time’)
– Sprite 20 (Sprite Spawner: Trigger=1, Id Setup=1, Delay=120)
– Actor Spawner Dialog (ID=1, Class ID=’127: 284 Splunkin’, Particle=52)

Note: Sprite Group must have ‘4:6’.

3. How it works:
After Mario enter in the zone, the sprite spawner is activated. To deactivate it, Mario must jump over the switch. The sprite spawner stops and give time to Mario pass through the level to other side.

Asproek brought to reality the design above. Nothing more righteous than display the result of this implementation here.

Despawning Actor sprite 20, by Asproek

And here is the NML: download [link]

To Asproek, I just have to say [this]

Thank you for read this.